Promote a holistic and advance research on Cybersecurity
for the whole of Sarawak

Undertake R&D activities


Provide advisory, consultancy and training services, policy
formulation, strategic planning expertise and human

Become internationally recognized

Research Focus

Provide knowledges and simulations for different types of Cybersecurity Penetration and Defence testing

Design for solutions to support all types of network security breaches and defences.

To explore theory and practice of Cybersecurity testing environments.

Sustainability of the technology in term of reliabilities and expansions.

Encryption Technologies Standardisation

Design for solutions to standardise all the encryption in Sarawak digital

Collaborating with international technologies standardisation to promote
standard encryption for all network technologies.

Digital Forensic – consultation and R&D

Promoting digital forensic for the whole of Sarawak.

Includes mobile smartphones and network digital forensic using related best practice tools available in collaboration with international parties.

Capacity and capability building for related government agencies and private sectors.