Research Titles

Improvisation in Child Dyslexia Using Kinect-Based Human Motion Analysis System, UCTS Research Grant (URG)

UCTS Spraying Drone for Disinfection and Cleaning Activities, UTS UPRG

The Study of Using Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Technology for Managing the Traffic of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of Sarawak Airspace, SDEC

Consultancy Project on ICT and Telecommunication Masterplan Study for Damai Peninsular Area

Behavioral Analytics and Real-time Tracking of Patients Using IoT and RFID”. (APT fund, member)

Young Innovators Challenge (YIC) Programme and Junior Innovate (JI) Programme

Raspberry Pi Crash Course for School Teachers Session 1 & 2

UAV Programming with Scratch, collaboration between DeTeC and Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation Berhad (SDEC)